30 July 2010

Listen up, boys!

This one's for all the straight boys because let's face it, most of you need help. I specifically mentioned "straight guys" because the gays know how to dress. As a self-described fashion addict who calls Vogue her Bible, I have some advice for all the men who don't know a thing about what to wear. Bear in mind, these are my opinions only. However, my taste is impeccable and you would be a fool to say otherwise. :p

  • very few men can pull off white linen pants.
  • socks with sandals is never allowed.
  • the white t-shirt under the button-up shirt style went out long ago. let it RIP.
  • skinny jeans are bad for health. they're literally one of the reasons for male sterility. also, it's not attractive to women.
  • Ed Hardy shirts are out. Sorry. Unless you're trying to look like a wannabe, get rid of them.
  • statement shirts are also out. e.g. "your dress would look better on my floor" or "want to study anatomy at my place?"
  • huge gold chains don't look good on you. especially when they're fake.
  • unless you have legs like Rafael Nadal's, don't wear capris
  • jeans that hover at your ankles are not attractive.
  • unless you have arms like Rafael Nadal's, don't wear sleeveless shirts.
  • unless you actually exercise, don't walk around in workout wear. you don't want to be a poser.
  • black denim is still not back in style for men.
  • don't wear one brand head to toe. mix it up.
  • when in doubt, go with a polo and jeans.
  • cargo shorts are good. as long as the color is decent.
  • sweater vests are sexy when done right.
  • make sure you dress appropriately for your height and weight.
  • when you bend over, no one wants to see skin.
  • never wear shorts that end above the knees. never.
  • if you're going to tuck in your shirt, tuck all of it in. don't go halfway.
Some of the best-dressed men I've seen and been told about:

Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Ranbir Kapoor, David Beckham, James Bond, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ronson, Robert Downey Jr, Zachary Quinto, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Siddharth Narayan, Farhan Akhtar


  1. well. thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Spot on!! That skinny jeans thing is very true!! I can never respect a person who wears such things and walks like a zombie!!

  3. u can also add George Clooney!

  4. "the white t-shirt under the button-up shirt style went out long ago. let it RIP."

    with chest hair (like a lot of indians), this a no no