06 August 2010

in a perfect world

If you could dictate the settings of the world, what would you do? An artist isn't just a man with talent, an artist is a man with vision...

This is how my world would be... (it's fun to lock up the cynicism and walk on the idealistic side once in a while...)

  • coca cola would not be bad for health
  • in fact, coke would be the water of my planet
  • there would be no cockroaches or lizards (i just don't see their purpose)
  • there would be no Alzheimer's
  • people would be straightforward and honest
  • guys would ask out girls (tragic how rarely this happens these days)
  • gay marriage, racism, discrimination, etc wouldn't be the issues they are today
  • if you wanted it to rain, it would rain
  • bestfriends would never drift apart
  • I would have Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour on speed dial
  • there would be no calories
  • everyone would be required to do one self-less act per day
  • nothing and noone would smell bad
  • there would be no cigarettes (which would in turn do away with a lot of disease)
  • children would not know hunger
Quite a lot of "ideals" for someone so jaded...I did myself proud!

03 August 2010

why, ladies, why?

I have very few friends that are female. This is mostly because I don't identify with women/girls. I don't think like them. My mom always says that I'm a guy trapped in a girl's body. I don't have anything against women. In fact, I don't know enough of them to hold grudges. So, my question to all the girls who read this (if there are any) is, why do women go back to abusive and/or cheating men?

I know of several girls who are in unhealthy relationships. I don't claim to know a thing about relationships, they are a mystery to me. But I would assume that there are pros and cons to every relationship, whatever the nature. So in a particular relationship, if the bad outweighs the good, why would you stay? One must always consider the scope of longevity. Do you see a future? Are there IFs to that future? i.e. "If he changes, I'll marry him." or "If he stops smoking, we'll move in together." Firstly, people don't change. If by chance, a man changes for you, he will ultimately resent you later. True and lasting change comes from within.

I've always wondered about these girls... is it weakness or strength? My cynicism has me assume that these people are weak for not being able to stand up, say no, and walk out. But it wouldn't be fair to consider the other side. Are they strong for sticking it out in the face of adversity? Are they admirable for wanting to see and wait for the good in a person?

And then, the most important question comes in to play. Is it worth it? Many advanced cancer patients refuse treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc). I assume it's because for them the end isn't worth the means. Because sometimes, the treatment will kill you before you're cured. So my question to you is whether the man is worth the pain he causes?

I aim this only at women because I find that they are more likely than men to indulge in self-destructive behavior. If my views offend you, click on the X on the top right corner of this window.