06 August 2010

in a perfect world

If you could dictate the settings of the world, what would you do? An artist isn't just a man with talent, an artist is a man with vision...

This is how my world would be... (it's fun to lock up the cynicism and walk on the idealistic side once in a while...)

  • coca cola would not be bad for health
  • in fact, coke would be the water of my planet
  • there would be no cockroaches or lizards (i just don't see their purpose)
  • there would be no Alzheimer's
  • people would be straightforward and honest
  • guys would ask out girls (tragic how rarely this happens these days)
  • gay marriage, racism, discrimination, etc wouldn't be the issues they are today
  • if you wanted it to rain, it would rain
  • bestfriends would never drift apart
  • I would have Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour on speed dial
  • there would be no calories
  • everyone would be required to do one self-less act per day
  • nothing and noone would smell bad
  • there would be no cigarettes (which would in turn do away with a lot of disease)
  • children would not know hunger
Quite a lot of "ideals" for someone so jaded...I did myself proud!


  1. Haha..nice!! Very idealistic and some of them touching

  2. Quite impressive.. Loved it :) infact I have gone thru most of the posts.. really liked all.. Following u :)

  3. By the way.. I am Nandu's fren..