11 March 2013

Day Three - 3 Movies

The Godfather (parts I and II) - two of the greatest movies ever made! You can't call yourself a movie lover if you've never seen these. I've always been fascinated with anything mafia-related...when I was a kid I used to tell my dad that I would marry a mafia don one day. I'll never forget his expression when I told him it's because I thought it meant I would get free Prada.

The Lion King - whose list wouldn't include this one? Such a classic! Mufasa is the man!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - had to include this one. One of the few chick flicks I could actually sit through. I was very young and impressionable when I saw this one. But still I'm me...at the end, I wanted a bestfriend not a lover.

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