27 October 2011

A Walk On The Dark Side

Got an interesting phone call a few hours ago as I sat here studying. I didn't recognize the number so I was a bit rude initially. It turned out to be my hair stylist, Lee. He asked me to participate in a hair show called "A Walk On The Dark Side" being held tomorrow as part of a local breast cancer awareness project. I said yes immediately, without really thinking. I believe there are certain opportunities in life that only knock once. They might turn out to be good, they might turn out to be horrible. Either way, you've enjoyed yourself or learned something. I don't consider myself even remotely close to qualifying as a model but this is something fun and for a good cause. I'm a bit nervous because I have to style my own outfit. Also, I have to incorporate the color pink into my outfit which will be difficult seeing as I own very little of it. Hair and makeup will be in the hands of the professionals. Oh and I don't know how to walk or pose! Still, I'm super excited. Photos to come!


  1. Wow! Excited for you. YOU of all people needn't be nervous about styling any outfit. Seeing you in pink would be something to look forward to! Cant wait to see the pics babe :-)

  2. This is exciting!! You'll be fantastic, I'm sure. Do wear your perfect smile

  3. Where is the photo? *tick tock* lol