16 May 2011

is this progress?

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Briefly put, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha has pledged to give 4 grams of gold to women getting married. Her other pledges involve free rice, etc.

I'd like to know why incentives are being offered that promote marriage but not education. What the young girls of India need is schooling so they can be financially independent. With this offering of gold, yes there will be people who benefit. But there will also be those who take advantage of the system. Who is to say this won't encourage women to get married several times? Or for men to take advantage of unassuming women in the greed for gold? Has anyone considered the consequences of this policy?

The days of securing one's future via marriage are long gone. We should be encouraging children to become self-sufficient and the way to do that is through education. Politicians, knowingly or not, seem to be stepping on progress with policies such as these. It is time to elect those who recognize the importance of education.

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  1. Freebies and poll-promises are so full of crap , politicians resort to such seemingly unbelievable(to us) stuff and laugh all the way to the bank, when in power.

    Why is marriage considered as the magical panacea for a girl's life? Don't women have nothing to do than get married and pop out babies? Jayalalitha should know this, she is a woman herself. Or wait. Maybe that is the reason she is giving this out? Because she likes gold and marriage more than education and employment. Great!

    I agree with you. You are right, the days of securing one's future with marriage are long gone. Good read!