14 May 2010

the most beautiful woman in the world? please!

Lets talk about Aishwarya Rai. Yes, she's beautiful. Yes, she won Miss World more than a decade ago. Yes, she's a beauty queen that actually made it as an actress. Andddd I still don't get the hype.

First of all, it is my opinion that she is not that great of an actress. Her biggest hits/best performances have been in movies which were made my top directors, with top actors, and huge production houses. A real star makes a mark even in a movie that fails. When all else fails, she smiles.

Second, she seems very stupid. She comes across in her interviews as a very ditzy person. If I were a beauty queen, I would ensure that I didn't fall into the "dumb beauty queen" stereotype. She giggles in response to a lot of questions thrown at her. How far can beauty take you in a conversation? Eventually, I would get bored and walk away.

Third, this woman is in a very unique and highly influential position, regardless of whether she deserves to be or not. She is followed and photographed endlessly. People are genuinely interested in the silly details of her life. Why hasn't she taken a stand on any of the issues affecting the world today? She can be an incredible role model to the next generation of Indian women, maybe even women around the world. Why isn't she? She seems to be spending a lot of time posing in couture gowns and filming commercials with her husband.

As corny as it sounds, beauty is not skin-deep. Looks fade, substance is eternal. To me, a beautiful woman is more than just shiny hair and glowing skin. It is Melinda Gates, the woman providing vaccinations to children in Zambia and India. It is Oprah Winfrey, the woman educating young girls in South Africa. It is Michelle Obama, the woman speaking out about the health of American children. It is Queen Rania, the woman fighting so that Middle-Eastern women have rights. Women who make a difference, not for their own gain, but for those who cannot speak for themselves. Instead of sitting at home with their Pradas and Jimmy Choos, these women are making a mark.

Now, who are the role models here?

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." -Unknown


  1. Ah thank you! There's something in her smile too. It looks forced. Every time! You're right about the acting. She could not portray half the anguish Madhuri could so effortlessly do.
    AB married her for the money. Either that or he is as dimwitted as she is.

  2. Nice one,Meghs. Exactly..she is a plastic beauty. She doesnt know a thing about acting. Sush is much more beautiful, she adopted an orphan instead of just posing for publicity pics in orphanages. And she is talented in acting dept too. I watched this concert by differently-abled kids for consumer awards and the camera clearly zoomed in on Ash when she scoffed at a fat blind girl. It just boiled my blood to see that.